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Booking Our Appointment

We are going to have a great time.  But first…..

All of my new friends go through a gentle screening process. This is to ensure my safety. Please do not make any reservations before screening is complete.

    1. Submit Screening information Fill out this form
    2. Video call (To verify we both are who we say we are)
    3. Agree to Tentative time and location.
    4. Send deposit, reservations confirmation, or other agreed upon good faith.
    5. Show up and have an amazing time

*Your information is deleted promptly once screening is complete. If you are not comfortable sharing your information and we decide to meet, understand that I will have my driver with me.

On Our Date

Some tips for our first experience
  • Please be clean, kind, and on time.
  • Gifts are welcome but not required.
  • Please be respectful. I am VERY open minded.  But I am also a lady. 
  • Be mindful of the time. I am focused on you, not the clock, so please make sure you are budgeting our time for activities you had planned.
  • If I may contact you after our date, please let me know as I hope we are able to stay in touch.
Please Memorize My No List


  • BBFS
  • Pain


Please simply place an envelope in an obvious location within the first five minutes of our appointment and then excuse yourself to the powder room for a moment. (do not hand it to me). if I am visiting you, have it in your bathroom and allow me to excuse myself for a moment.
If we’re meeting in a public space, please have it in a funny greeting card, gift bag gift, or slipped between the pages of a book that you think I’d love. Please avoid verbal references to it.

Other considerations

In case you’re interested…
  • I do enjoy taking photos and videos, but please ask first.
  • I am married and hubby and I have no secrets.  He is available for any unique experiences you may be interested in. Just ask.
  • I am couple friendly 
  • I am open to BBG dates but will have my driver present.
Some Fantasies of Mine are…

I want to do it on a plane.  In the air of course.

Role plays with a man in uniform



Submission to experienced dom

Force hubby to watch any of the above